A selection of some of my radio documentaries from around the world.

Underground Rome (Come see with your ears!)


Follow me as I descend into Underground Rome, a city that was once known as Caput Mundi - the capital of the world. Below Rome, I uncover quiet secrets it continues to offer up, questions that hang unsolved, and dramatic challenges the city’s subterranean past poses for the present.  

Claiming Space

Claiming Space women CBC Ideas Megan Williams



Public spaces, from parks to sidewalks to transit, have a huge impact on millions of women around the world. They can help make life enjoyable and safe, or dangerous -- sometimes even lethal. 

Listen to Claiming Space where I travel from India to Vienna, Austria to reveal how the design of public space profoundly shapes the lives of women who move through it.

Gold Trophy at the 2015 New York Radio Festivals for Best Documentary on Social Issues.

You must remember this

Listen to my report from Cambodia on how the country is still struggling with the legacy of its terrible genocide.

Finalist for Best Current Affairs Documentary in the New York Festivals International Radio Broadcasting Awards 2008

Message in a Bottle: Music from the Holocaust


Listen to my documentary on composers Viktor Ullman and Gideon Klein who died in the Holocaust; of their struggle to create under extreme circumstances; and of the group of modern-day scholars and musicians dedicated to reviving their long-silenced music. 

Music Holocaust Documentary CBC Radio Megan Williams

Gold Trophy at the New York Radio Festivals for Best History Documentary, Gabriel Award and Finalist for Works on Music at the Prix Italia, 2011.